General Membership Meeting
Please plan to attend the TPMGC General Membership Meeting Monday, November 14, 2016 Riverwalk Golf Course 5:30 Set up/Member forum 6:00 Start of meeting Along with the amazing raffle prizes, we will have our annual elections,guest speakers and the chance to meet other members of the Club. It also affords everyone an opportunity to get the latest updates on the state of TPMGC and a preview of the schedule for next year. Election ballots will be e-blasted shortly. If you cannot attend the meeting, please return your ballot by either mail or email.
Posted by mberg::10/21/2016

Prize Fund Update
Attention members, in an effort to help lower your prize fund balances, our club is now offering an option to purchase a $500 pre-paid Visa gift card with your prize account money. The total cost for the card is $514.40, which includes shipping and handling. If you are interested, please email the Prize Fund Chairman, Rob Mills, with your request at
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Fall Frolic 10/27/2016 7:30 Shotgun Riverwalk
We have some openings in the Fall Frolic 2 Better Balls of 4 tournament on October 27 at Riverwalk Golf Course. Cost $67 includes green fees, cart, lunch, drawing ticket for great door prizes including free golf at many of the courses we play. If you would like to play please email me your name, ghin# and current index to If you don't have a foursome we will put you in a foursome with other members. First come First Serve. Need to submit request by this Friday.
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Chris Tuulik is the 2016 Club Champion
Chris fired a sparkling 69 in the second round to finish at 1 over par 145 for the 2 day tournament. Multiple time Club Champion Greg Jacobs finished runner up. Chris will represent TPMGC in the SCGA Tournament of Champions. Net Champions Scott Shandle (1st), William Davison (2nd in a card off) and William Daley (3rd) will join Terry Mason ( Weekend Sr Net) in a playoff to determine who will represent TPMGC in the SCGA Net Tournament of Champions Earlier in Septmember John Hoffman won the SR Club Championship and will represent in the SCGA SR Tournament of Champions.
Posted by jhoffman::10/10/2016

Posting of Tournament Scores
POSTING OF SCORES FOR ALL PLAY AT TPMGC EVENTS WILL BE POSTED BY THE TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE USE OF “T” SCORES The USGA is reviewing and tightening up the usage of T scores by Clubs. T scores are only supposed to be used for the club’s significant tournaments. However, more and more clubs are routinely posting local tournament scores as T scores, which can dilute the effectiveness of what T scores are supposed to do, i.e. be a check on player performance. The issue is that the number of T scores a player has in the last 12 month period can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the T score review. Therefor for TPMGC to comply with the new USGA policy clarification with respect to club T scores TPMGC will only use T scores for our Board Tournaments, and will they will be posted by the tournament committee. No member should post any T score at a TPMGC event or any play at Torrey Pines Golf course. TPMGC Board tournaments are: SCGA BB of Partners Qualifiers weekend and weekday TPMGC Senior Championships weekend and weekday TPMGC Club Championship weekend TPMGC Turkey Shoot weekend and weekday .....Marc Sorensen Handicap Chairman
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ALL TPMGC AND POTENTIAL NEW MEMBERS Please be advised that we are changing our processing for all 2017 renewals and new memberships to the SCGA portal website. Complete instructions will be sent to all members and be posted on the TPMGC website during early October. We will be opening renewal payment and processing new members around OCTOBER 24th. YOU WILL BE ABLE TO RENEW THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2016 WITHOUT PENALTY. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT OR ATTEMPT TO RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP UNTIL WE NOTIFY THE FULL MEMBERSHIP THAT WE ARE READY. Larry Prosi, Membership Chairman
Posted by lprosi::10/07/2016

Higher Handicap Players will play from Forward Tees at Torrey Pines
We have experimented with moving higher handicap players (20-21+) to the forward tees (red) at Torrey Pines. The feed back has been very positive, making rounds more enjoyable, and the pace of play has improved significantly. We will continue this policy for the low net tournaments scheduled at Torrey Pines for 2016.
Posted by bhood::08/15/2016

New Slow Play Policy
Fellow Members: Slow play has been an ongoing problem at many of our tournaments. We have been collecting data for six months from time clocks to identify which members actually play slow. At its July meeting, the Board decided to take action regarding slow play. The Board decided that stroke penalties are not a feasible solution as we would need several on-course referees to make those decisions. That would require a large number of volunteers who would be placed in an uncomfortable position to potentially penalize fellow members. How We Identify Slow Players Every group should keep up with the group just ahead. Slow players are identified based on how many minutes they finish their round after the foursome in front of them completes their round. Each of us occasionally has a bad round where we lose balls and fall behind. Our intent is to identify members who have repeated occurrences of slow play. A member whose group finishes 15 or more minutes behind the immediately preceding group 3 or more times is designated as a Slow Player. These occurrences need not be consecutive. If in any of these occurrences, the member’s round is completed in 4:20 or less, it will not be considered as a slow play violation. Slow Players will receive an email from the Board President notifying them of their designation. Slow Play Consequences – Torrey Pines Tournaments A point system is currently used to prioritize who plays in oversubscribed weekday tournaments at Torrey Pines. It has been amended to give designated Slow Players the second lowest priority to play in Torrey tournaments ahead of only No Shows from prior tournaments. Slow Play Consequences – Away Tournaments Slow Players (and any others that sign up in the same foursome) will receive tee times near the end of the field. Removal of Slow Player Designation Upon sustained improvement in pace of play by the member, the Tournament Committee at its discretion removes the Slow Player designation. The player is notified by the Tournament Committee. Repeat Offenders Members previously identified as slow players who improved their pace of play will receive a Slow Player designation if they finish 15 or more minutes behind the prior group 2 or more times. Slow Players Who Take No Action to Improve Pace of Play The Tournament Committee at its discretion may suspend players from one or more tournaments. Using Time Clocks On the 1st tee, insert scorecard in the time clock, and stamp the back of the card after the final person has teed off. On the 18th hole, insert scorecard in the time clock after the last member has holed out. Then add the scores and have each member sign it. Those who fail to use the time clocks consistent with this process will be disqualified from the tournament.
Posted by omborn::08/01/2016

Tie Breaker system adopted for all weekday Tournaments
In order for us to stay within our subsidy budget we are now going to break ties for first place using the a tiebreaker system available to us from our Tournament Players Program . If there are ties the software will break all ties using the back nine as a beginning point for tie breaks. TPP uses the USGA tie breaker...starting with the back 9 holes (net), then the back 6 holes (net), then the back 3 holes (net) and then the Back 1 hole (net) then if we need it a coin toss. Handicaps for the tie breakers are 50% for the 9 hole, 33% for 6 hole, 16.7% for 3 hole, 5.55% for 1 hole..all handicaps are rounded 0.5 or higher is a stroke.
Posted by bhood::03/30/2016