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Posted by mdhillon::05/17/2015

Tournament Change
The Torrey Pines Men’s Golf club is restructuring our SGCA Championship play to better recognize those individuals who excel in our Club and Senior Championships.

SCGA conducts tournaments each year for its member clubs:

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions for Club Champions with index 2.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Senior Club Champions with index of 5.4 or lower

SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET for players whose index is higher than 2.4 or 5.4 from above.

As our club selects it’s Club Champion and Senior Club Champion from players with indexes below 2.4 (Club Champion) and (5.4 Senior Club Champion) the SCGA has allowed us to send two individuals to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET.

It the past we have conducted 2 Low Net Qualifier tournaments which were a single round of Individual Net play(Weekend and Thursday) and the low net from each was sponsored to the SCGA Tournament of Club Champions – NET

This year the selection method will be changed to be more reflective of our Actual Club Championships.

For the Weekend selection we will have a single round of Net play with the invited players to compete being the 3 low net flight winners from the Club Championship and the Low Net winner from the Weekend Senior Championship tournament (which is 2 round tournament)

For the Thursday selection the Low Net player from the Thurs Senior Championship (which is 2 round tournament).

The board feels that this will more accurately represent our Club Champions for the SCGA Tournament of Club Championships, as well as recognize those players who performed in a major multi-round tournament format.
Posted by mdhillon::05/17/2015

2015 Junior Worlds Volunteers
Click here to download the volunteer form for the 2015 Junior Worlds

Completed Forms are due 5/15/2015
Posted by mdhillon::05/11/2015

2015 Membership Now Open
TPMGC Membership for 2015 (both new members and renewals) is now open.

Click here to visit the Membership page for all the information
Posted by mdhillon::11/03/2014